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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jer446, Jun 3, 2006.

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    I just got a project to do for math class, to design a boardgame. (Algebra 2). My teacher said it would be ok to do it on the computer.. Is there any program that i should design this on? I would like it to be something like flash, but i think that will take to long.. If i cant find a good creative way to do it on the cmoputer, and will do it the oldfashioner boring way on paper..
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    This is really a bump for you thread. I have coded very little, and what I provide below is really very simplified. I was excided by your asignment, and thought that your thread should not get lost among all the others here.

    Given the amount of effort it takes to learn to code or script from scratch (and your stated hesitation in using Flash), I would start with good old-fashioned (and I don't think boring) board game. I used to work for a company that sold only games, and I thought a games class (really a disguised math and logic class) for an after school program.

    There are different kinds of programming languages. I used to think that LOGO was a pointless language to learn. When I was 12, I thought nothing neat or cool could ever be created with it. I was proved wrong when a kid designed a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game by creating routines that drew X's and O's with in a grid. The kid was clever. LOGO is an example of a VHL, or a Very High Level Language, or one that is "natural language based". The easier it is to program, generally the larger and slower it is. LLL, "Low Level Languages like C run faster, as they are compiled by the computer and only the routines needed are encoded. (This is way overly simplified, I know, but it's a start.) The lowest level language that people are generally found to code in is Assemble Language, which has the least abstraction from Machine Language (which are codes that a processor can directly interpret).

    Back on track here. The easiest languages are sometimes called Scripts or VHLL, Very High Level Languages (there is debate as to what these really are). Of these I recommend Revolution, formally DreamCard. It's a VHLL(or scripting language) that is easy to use and has a GUI builder. Flash is very similar. Revolution even has a set of tools specifically for designing games. What's best about RunRev's Revolution is that is cross platform like Java, which means it can run on Windows, Linx, OS X, and other platforms. For those old school Apple people, it's like HyperCard.

    Back to your game. You might want to search the internet for Game and Choice theory. Just look them up in Wikipedia or somewhere else. You will find that this kind of abstract logic/mathmatics has connections from ethics to economics. It might help you brain storm if your haveing problems.

    Perhaps this is too much. You might want to repost this, or have the thread moderators move this post to the Programing Forum.

    For fun, you might want to look at this cool Ninja Game which isn't what you are trying to create. It does have a great tutorial about designing a game and how to code for colisions, etc... with out getting to technical.

    In any case, I have to write, that if you create a good physical board game, it won't mater weather it is on a computer or not.

    I wish you the best of skill and luck in this endeavor and in life.

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