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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PrettyinPeril, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    1) Please don't laugh

    2) I am on a MacBook (OS X version 10.6.7)

    Let me explain what I am doing 1st, I am creating short Bio's for work which include the person's name at top, image below there name right justified, then text about the person to the right of photo and below. Second page with contain images that correspond to the Bio.

    I had a difficult time doing this in word (04) and having it be compatible enough to send to my Boss ( who has a PC).

    I updated my word today to 08, still had some issues, so now I figured I would work with pages instead, which I see can be converted to a .doc at the completion of a document, which i am hoping will open properly on my boss's end when complete.

    The issue I am having seems very simple, but I am unable to scroll down to the 2nd page of the document while in the first. It os not an option to have two separate folders for the BIO + 2nd page of images. It needs to be all one.

    I want to to be able to work on both pages together, or at least see the second page. at the bottom of the document I did see the "jump to page" feature, however when I put in "2" it did not produce a blank page.

    In the past in regular word, if you type and get to the bottom of a page/document, it automatically transitions into the next page, I have not experienced this with pages.

    I am just starting, in pages, but need to create this output any help would be REALLY appreciated..and I apologize if this was addressed somewhere else and I missed it!

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    Apr 9, 2011

    ok a couple hours later, I have figured out that the age will move down, however it keeps duplicating the title on each page. i.e. BIO will repeat on page 1, page 2, an page 3. if I change the title on page 3 to images, then all 3 change to images. I really need a pages master. If you read this and are familiar with someone else who is a pages wiz, or I should move this somewhere else in the forum lmk.
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    You won't be able to "see" the second page until the cursor's been there. So, when you open a new document, just press the Return key to move down the page until the second page opens.

    To see two pages side by side, go to the zoom settings at the bottom lefthand corner. From the pop up menu select "2 up".

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