Carrier SIMPLE Mobile vs. Straight Talk for Nexus 5 in South US

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by 0000757, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Dec 16, 2011
    We're getting ripped off on Verizon and I think that's ridiculous.

    I've decided that this year, I'm getting off of Verizon and getting a prepaid SIM, since now they offer decent amounts of data. I've come down to deciding between Straight Talk and SIMPLE, because they both offer the stuff I'm wanting - Mediumly sized data plans with BYOD options.

    Now, in my area (Anderson/Knox, Tennessee, USA), CDMA rules the airwaves. Part of the reason I love Verizon so much is because of the GREAT LTE speeds and coverage available. I just can't put up with these prices anymore. $180 for 2 phones with Edge on 4GB of data is outrageous. My mom pays the phone bill and I don't want her paying that much for what really is so little, considering she uses her iPhone for nothing more than phone calls, some texting, and emails (She barely breaks 200mb/month...I use up all the data and I'm also the reason we get overage charges...oops). I basically have some questions for SIMPLE and ST users.

    First off, my area has good LTE from AT&T but almost none from Straight Talk. I kinda need LTE cause WiFi isn't available everywhere. I don't know if these guys ride on AT&T Towers, T-Mobile towers, or if they can jump between both. Whichever one runs off of AT&T will probably be priority.

    Also on Straight Talk's website, the $50 unlimited says 3GB of LTE and then unlimited EDGE, but the $60 plan just says unlimited. Does the $60 offer full unlimited LTE? I like how SIMPLE offers 5GB but I guess it'll really depend on coverage.

    I'd plan on purchasing a Nexus 5, so I'm sure the devices play nicely. I guess if anyone knows where you can find a Nexus 5 for cheaper than Google Play (I have no issue with paying the $349, but if there's a cheaper place that's not eBay/Craigs, then sign me up instantly).

    So ST and SIMPLE users, how would you rate the service and overall experience?

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    South Jersey
    I've used Straight Talk for a year now & am very happy with it. When you order the SIM card, you can pick a T-Mobile or an AT&T version. I ordered the AT&T version since I had better AT&T coverage in my area (Philly area). My parents live in the Knox/ Jefferson county area & I haven't had an issues with straight talk when I've been there. None of the data is really unlimited. You get 3gb @ LTE and then you get throttled. The $60 plan is for international calling.

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