Simple Multi-person Music Sharing?

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by jasnw, Jul 12, 2015.

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    I have a simple (or so it seems) goal, but I cannot sort out how, or even if, I can get there. My wife and I have separate Apple IDs and have both purchased music on those IDs. I would like to have some things she’s purchased on my iPhone, and she’d like some of my music on hers. I don’t want to share anything else, just music. I don’t want to use iCloud, just the iTunes on our two computers (both Mavericks) and our local network. Apple’s Family Share appears to be not only overkill, but I’m not sure that it doesn’t just increase the complexity (and the likelihood of problems) and require pushing stuff to iCloud for no good reason.

    Is there some solution that fits within my desired constraints, or do we have to go Old School and buy two copies of every song we’d like to share (ka-CHING).
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    What is overkill about Family Sharing? And what does iCloud have to do with it? Sounds perfect for what you need as it would give you each access to your individual past purchases
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    Family sharing is probably what you want. My wife and I are using family sharing and in iTunes, clicking on my Apple ID (to the left of the search field) has a "Family Purchases" option you can click. From there it will show you everything you've purchased, and you can select your wife's name from the drop-down (to the right of the "purchased" header) and it will show all her purchases with the option to download them to your library.

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