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    May 4, 2009
    I have a white MacBook and a new Macbook pro. I;m at Uni, and use the pro for class. I recently set-up the white book on a big screen for home study. The pro is located in a separate room, charging and with an external HD running time machine back-ups.

    I've set-up a wireless network using a simple Airport Express, which I use to give me wireless printing and broadband. All of this was a easy to set up and I was really surprised when I discovered that the pro was working as a server to my external HD (all three partitions).

    I got overexcited, when I realised I could time machine the white MacBook to the pro/external HD. I time machined the remote machine... All seemed fine and dandy, until I looked at the file the time machine, which was sealed and encrypted, furthermore I checked the partition with OS X Disk Utility, which reported the partition as corrupted, so I reformatted this partition!

    Is is possible to set this scenario up where I can back up the white macbook to the macbook pro running as a server to an eternal HD without the encryption problem?

    If so how, what do I do?


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