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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dano59, Nov 1, 2017.

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    I've been searching for an "easy" photo management software for our office and could really use some suggestions (Mac-based of course). I personally use Lightroom cc, which works great, but it's far too powerful and complex for our office.

    We are a consulting firm that specializes in corporate team building. We regularly take photos of our events (sometimes 100's at a time) and like to share these photos with our clients (as well as using them for marketing). But since this is not our primary business, and is a somewhat irregular event, our staff has a hard time grasping more complex software such as Lightroom.

    This is what we need the software to do:
    1. Act as a lightbox to allow image viewing
    2. Batch rename files (either during import or later)
    3. Ability to mark or select best images (LR's 5-stars works great)
    4. Create web albums that can be uploaded to our secure website
    5. Resize and export jpg files (individual or batch)
    Other minor editing capabilities are a nice to have, but not required (basic adjustments and cropping). If at all possible, I'd rather not have images kept in a proprietary database such as Photos does.

    I keep coming back to LR, but the biggest problem has been the complexity of file management system which has to be done from within the program (our staff just can't resist using Finder which messes up the catalog). For long-term mac users, this is just not an intuitive shift.

    Any thoughts on a more manageable solution would be greatly appreciated! (we've also been in business for 27 years, so I'd like to find something that will hopefully be around for awhile)
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    Maybe look at Bridge; it might do much of that. The web albums part would be tougher, depending on how your web workflow is set up.
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    I’d be inclined to say invest some time in learning Lightroom.
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