Simple Portfolio website...


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Jul 7, 2002
Right, in an attempt to join the modern world I am hoping to get a personal website to display examples ( pics ) of my work, my current CV, and possibly a shortish show reel of some work.

Bearing in mind I've never done this before, and cash is tight as always - any suggestions? I'd like something simple and elegant rather then over-run with snazzy animations and exploading gifs that start ' The Eye of the Tiger ' as a sound track LOL



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Mar 8, 2006
Microsoft Word can do this for you. Just create the layout in Word then choose save as html. It's super simple, which is good and bad, but also what you wanted! If you don't have it, and u have a new mac, iWeb software (webpage building software) is included.
If you google for html templates, I'd imagine you'll get some free and good results as well.
Good luck.