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    hello all,

    i was just wondering what kind of adapter/chord would i need to hook my ibook up to a stereo system. Just a normal chord for this, or do i need a special one made just for apple computers? also, can any stereo system be hooked up to my ibook, or when i go out to purchase a system, do i need to look for a special feature that the system must have?

    Thanks, matt
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    You can hook your iBook up to any stereo that has regular line inputs. Generally these will be RCA jacks. You need a cable with a 1/8" stereo phone plug (also known as a stereo miniplug, or 3.5mm stereo phone plug) on one end, and two RCA plugs on the other end. RadioShack definitely has them. Just about any other electronics store (Circuit City, Best Buy, etc) should have them as well. They're not in any way exotic.

    I think some small stereos (boomboxes/bookshelf systems) have 1/8" phone jacks for line-in. In that case, you need a cable with 1/8" stereo phone plugs on both ends.

    In case you're confused, an 1/8" stereo phone plug is the plug that fits into the headphone jack on your iBook or an iPod or just about any other portable audio device. It's also the same plug found on nearly all earbuds and smaller headphones. RCA plugs are the plugs that will fit into the jacks on the front of most TVs (ie. same plugs you find on the cable from your DVD Player, VCR, Playstation, etc to your TV).
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