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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by And, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Apologies for the low-brow question on this part of forums... I have some cassettes (yes cassettes!) and LPs which I could really do with throwing out. I've bought most of them on CD where possible, but have reached a few which are irreplaceable*

    What is my easiest option for turning these recordings into MP3? I have a cassette player with line out, so I'm assuming I could simply plug into linein on mini/mbp and use a program to record, then use the same program (or another) to compress to mp3. I would be doing nothing more complicated than that except perhaps removing button clicks. The LP I realise would probably need to go through a preamp before getting to computer, but process would be same I guess. So the Q is, what programs should I use for this - I have garageband somewhere if that is up to this, or would be looking for a freeware alternative. Expensive software is a little pointless to me as I only have about 2-3 LPs and 2-3 cassettes to process in this way, after which my dalliance with sound editing will be over! **

    Cheers, and.

    * Actually found one LP I have on CD, but at a cost of £50 ($70?)! So ripping LP would be preferable (Blind Idiot God if anyone happens to remember them).

    ** Until CDs or MP3s become outdated... :)

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