Simple tip for changing blog summary text style in iWeb


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Jan 10, 2006
I'm sure many iWeb users have been frustrated by iWeb's limitations when it comes to editing how the blog summary looks. You can change the font easily enough, just highlight the each text section and change the font. However colours, rollover effects and the forced underline (on white blog template) seem to be impossible to change. Well I have found a way of doing it in iWeb without having to mess with XML and CSS files.

The following is pasted straight from my blog, I think it will prove useful to many frustrated iWeb users.

Enjoy your new found freedom.


I didn’t mention how to change the font of the blog summary on the main blog page. As you can see my blog summary titles are smaller and are not underlined like in the ‘white blog template’ that I used for the page. I don’t think we should technically be able to do this but I have found a way that does not involve messing with CSS and XML files and its very easy.

So you have your blog page and you want to change the font (which is easy) but you also want to get rid of the underline and have the title behave how you want regarding rollover colours etc.

Create a new text box and type a word in the box. Now highlight the text (not the bounding box) and turn it into a hyperlink. Now go to the link format tab and set the colours for how you want your blog summary titles to behave. Mine are all set to the Web Safe Colour 333333 (dark grey) and have no underline so they just appear as dark grey text. If you want your titles to appear red but turn green when you hover your cursor over them set ‘normal’ to red and rollover to ‘green’. You can also set what a visited link looks like and any disabled links you may have. The button with a U next to the colour is for an underline effect. Click it to turn it off if you don’t want an underline on your titles. Once you have set how you want your titles to behave click the button at the bottom called ‘Use for new links on page’.

Now go to your blog summary and double click it so you get a blue highlight around the box. Now click once on the title and it should highlight it in blue. If you have more than one entry already doing this will highlight all the titles so you don’t have to go through them all. Once the title is highlighted click the ‘fonts’ button at the bottom right of the iWeb window and set underline to ‘none’. The underline should disappear and if you changed the colour for ‘normal’ in the hyperlink format window you will see the title change to the colour you selected. It will now behave according to the parameters set in the hyperlink format window. Cool eh? Now you can delete the text box you created ealier to set the parameters.



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Aug 19, 2009
i tried this and as soon as i publish the site to a folder it just goes straight back to the dowdy grey colour.

On iweb the text on the blog summery and read more has indeed changed colour but as stated after publish it just becomes grey again...strangely the colour change for when i hover over it has worked...

any ideas?


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Aug 7, 2010
dude, you helped me cheat iWeb.

thanks so so so much! :) it worked perfectly.

honestly, I can't thank you enough, I've been frustrated with this for 15-30 minutes now.

thank you again.


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Oct 15, 2010
Oh Man

thanks! this was super helpful!

although any idea how to change the boring typeface to one from the google font directory? or is this impossible?