Simply North - Just an other compass app? Definitely not! (iPad and iPhone)


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Sep 5, 2011
i ‘am eric and want to introduce you in my App named “Simply North”. This is a free application so you don’t need a promo code.

It's the coolest compass on earth :)


Before we come up to the app details, let me tell you a little story; 3 months ago, I bought the new iPad with its really awesome retina display.

It’s such a great product but there is still one thing I’m missing.
Where is this lovely little compass which we all know from the iPhone?
I can just tell you, I didn’t find it despite searching for it in the entire App Store!

I just wanted a
- simple user interface
- without many buttons
- no big advertisements and banners
- built with love, like the original Apple compass
- a universal app for both iPad and iPhone
- and last but not least: retina graphics for all devices!

I believe that there are so many people who have the same thoughts as I do, so I decided to build this App myself. I have worked so many nights to make it pixel perfect and I hope that you love the result!

There is one last thing I have to say; this app was fun to build, so everyone is invited to have fun on using it. It’s FREE!

Simply North should take your breath and not your money!

Maybe you want make a review on your blog, if you feel the same way.

Sincerely yours,


PS: All the graphics are vector based so you get a real tiny size of only 5,4MB for a Universal Retina Application that's gorgeous.

Thanks for the feedback!

I almost forgot the rest of the features:
- tiny size only 6MB
- full Retina support for all devices
- tap on the North Icon to switch between true and magnetic north
- tap on the coordinates to copy location+course to clipboard and use it wherever you like
- swipe right/ left to convert the location coordinate between the three basic forms DMS, MinDec and DegDec. A must have for geocaching :)
- swipe down or tap on BUSYBYTES to open the ABOUT-BOX



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Sep 5, 2011
Hi maha252,

thank you :) I promise you, great updates will come soon.
I would be very pleased with a 5 star rating :)


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Sep 5, 2011
10 New Codes for the BLACK SKIN Version + Speedmeter :)

Enjoy it