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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by KnucklesMahone, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Hello. Well, I have quite a problem with my 27" imac. Quite a while ago, I installed windows using bootcamp. That worked, and I commonly booted up my mac using the option command and chose the partition. When i went to boot up my IMAC tonight, the windows partition had vanished. I clicked on the mac partition, and the computer froze.
    I force shut it down, and restarted it. When I hold the option key, the screen pauses, and then goes to the "No bootable device" screen The mac partition and the windows one don't seem to exist anymore. I inserted my MAC OSX CD to reformat, and booted up holding the C key. It still goes to the "No bootable device" screen. No matter what I do, it goes there. In addition, I cannot get the CD out of my drive.
    No clue what to do, anyone have any suggestions?
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    Sounds like your HD has died :mad: So a call to Apple Support.
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    Well for one thing you are installing Windows on a Mac. That's your first problem. Sure these machines are designed to technically upload, but you would have been better off just sticking with Snow Leopard. Why didn't you? You can do everything and more sticking to what was in the box in the first place, instead of trying to configure it and make everything complicated.
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    I know this is a little late for you OP, but you can try holding the mouse button down at startup to eject a disc that is stuck

    As far as your other problems, you may need to contact Apple
    It doesn't sound like the HDD if it will not boot from the CD either
    You can try booting with the option key instead of the C key with the CD too

    Good luck

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