Sims 2 won't open on start-up

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by iLuke, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Oct 4, 2005
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    So, after months of long waiting, summer was finally here.
    I had uninstalled the Sims 2 many months ago in order to "focus on my studies." But now that I had no studying to do, I had some major Sims 2 cravings. I got Bon Voyage for my birthday a few months ago, and never really played it because I was too busy.

    I started by installing the original Sims 2, then accidentally clicked it in my dock. It started up the normal "The Sims 2 is preparing your game..." message, where it sets up your Documents/EA Games/Sims 2 folder, as it always does when you launch the Sims 2. I didn't want to play the Sims 2 yet, as I had more stuff to install, so I force quit the game and went to install the expansions.

    I installed what I had: Glamor Life Stuff and Family Fun Stuff, along with Open for Business and Bon Voyage. I didn't think much of force quitting the game before, so I went along my way. After installing everything, I clicked the new Bon Voyage icon in the dock, and I got the display settings dialog, I clicked yes, and nothing happened. The Sims 2 was open, and the toolbar up top reflected it, but the game refused to show on the screen. I could still see the desktop, the dock, and Firefox open.

    I realized what I did, called myself stupid, and went and deleted the EA Games folder from my Documents folder to try to solve the problem. I launched Bon Voyage again, and I got the "The Sims 2 is preparing your game..." dialogue again. SUCCESS! About halfway through, the dialogue disappeared, and the same thing happened again (nothing). I deleted the new EA Games folder yet again and tried launched Bon Voyage. The same thing happened.

    So I'm positive this problem has to do with me force quitting the Sims 2 during the "The Sims 2 is preparing your game..." dialogue the first time I launched it, but I don't know exaclty how to fix the problem without uninstalling everything (which I really don't want to do, especially since I can't really find my Glamor Life and Family Fun Stuff disks). And I'm sure I don't have to uninstall it, as it had to do with something at startup, not during installation. Does anyone have any idea?
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Have you checked the site for patches? Other than that, I think you do need to delete and reinstall everything. I know that's a time consuming pain, but I've force quit numerous times and had no issues. I don't think that was the problem. I think you need a patch. :) Hope that works for you.

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