Since upgrade system is using a LOT of memory


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Aug 7, 2007
I have 4GB installed in my system. I NEVER had gone below a gig with firefox, aperture, ps and LR opened at the same time , but with leopard I am down to around 40mb available! It seems to use a LOT more ram to open programs. I mean if I just open LR and PS3 with Firefox open I am down near 1gb.

Anyone else having these issues? I mean I can't add more ram! lol

I have 187,000 page ins and 184,000 page outs.

What is going on?

**Alum iMac 24 inch**

Sean Dempsey

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Aug 7, 2006
yes, I have noticed the same thing. I leave activity monitor open in the dock with the pie graph of memory usage, and even with every app closed and such, I am getting a ton more page in/outs and its leaving "active memory" open even when no apps are open.

Totally different from tiger. Not sure if it's hurting performance, but that pie graph I am so used to seeing in Tiger is now showing alot more memory usage.
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