Since when do we buy now, and ask the cost later?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigres, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Sorry folks, but I have a serious question that I just cannot get answered so here goes...

    First: I am a gen 1 user, and have the 900 min/$20 data (w/text) plan. Simple. I did not upgrade to the 3G due to material degradation IMO of the 3G, and the fact AT&T was taking away text and charging another $10 for data. To each his own I know, but 3G is not always working anyway, nor are there any guarantees it will in my area. Enough said here.

    Now, with yesterdays announcement and the absence of AT&T representation at WWDC I question the following:

    Why in the hell would folk in the US start pre-ordering, upgrading, and jumping on this 3G(S) bandwagon with little to nothing to go on in terms of plan PRICING with AT&T. I simply do not understand this illogical thinking.

    Are people just assuming (stupid btw) that the plans are going to remain the same? Are we all assuming that AT&T will just play nice and include tethering (LOL) when they get around to announcing their tethering Option's)? Are we assuming that MMS will be included in their current texting plans (LOL)?

    What the hell? What on earth am I missing here? I personally have never bought something with absolutely no clue on what the ramifications on future costs would affect me or my pocketbook. I have seen zero, (and please correct me if I am wrong) not any mention of the new (possibly improved or not) plans that ride with this new phone.

    I did hear rumors before this announcement that AT&T was lowering plans. Based on the latest Boy Genius report, they are toying with a $70 dollar DATA plan w/tethering (NOT including SMS or MMS) before the monthly usage costs (minutes). OMG.

    Are you all just rich? What is everyone going to do when they say WTF, I can't afford the tethering and MMS that Apple sold me on at WWDC- Why did I buy this phone again?

    Please, pipe in here and advise me. I was going to upgrade but to be honest I have no reason to do so until I know what that 2 year commitment is going to cost me (oh, and yeah I want to tether).

  2. williamgallas10 macrumors regular

    Jun 1, 2009
    Yes pricing will remain the same. $30 for data is standard on all ATT smart phones, and MMS is standard on all ATT messaging plans.
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    May 18, 2009
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    Looks like you need a tall, relaxing glass of Kool Aid ;)
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    Yup, MMS comes with all texting plans.
    and if they did lower data plan by the time it comes out, then all we do is gets our switched to that lower plan..
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    Glad to hear it!
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    As mentioned in the posts above, all of the info is there, and it is also available when purchasing the phone/preordering.

    -Plans remain the same.
    -$30 for data
    -MMS is included
    -AT&T has not announced tethering (officially) so you can't complain about not knowing the price. If that is a dealbreaker for you, then wait.

    I would love to be able to tether (occasionally) but probably only during travel, and so it probably won't be worth it for me.

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