single iTunes account with multiple iCloud accounts

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  1. Greg M, Oct 12, 2011
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    Greg M macrumors 6502

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    For a few years my kids have shared an iTunes account for their purchases. Now that we're all going to have iPhones I think that the best way to setup iCloud is with each person having their own iCloud account.

    Is their a way to continue to share the iTunes account since they each have purchases on that account that they'd like to be able to access through iCloud?

    I assume if there isn't then they'd still be able to sync their iPhones with iTunes manually on their authorized computer. I don't see any problems with the apps they've bought but my daughter bought several seasons of TV shows using my son's iTunes ID. She'd like to be able to stream those from iCloud since they won't all fit on her 16gb iPhone.
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    Jan 14, 2011
    confused about this also

    We have 3 laptops, and one desktop, one ipad, and 4 iphones. My daughters have used a single apple ID (mine) to buy music and shows (by the hundreds). I have set up four icloud accounts for syncing each individual iphone to the cloud. Will this work? Big issue for daughters is that if they buy music on a new apple ID account they believe they won't be able to play the hundreds of songs they've purchased for the past eight years.
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    it is the same as before. just make sure under store for each phone you have logged in/saved the main ID used for iTunes purchases. under iCloud settings you use each persons unique iCloud ID.

    you can choose to turn on or turn off automatic downloads for each device. for example, we have that ON and when i download an app it shows up on the wife's phone at the same time.

    good luck.
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    I have one Apple ID for purchases and the family has four different iCloud accounts so it sounds like you'll be doing the same thing.

    Here's the KB link for using an Apple ID and a different iCloud ID on the same iDevice: The Apple ID can be the same on all the devices.

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