Single thread performance of i7 2720QM and the likes

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hover, Feb 25, 2011.

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    As much as we enjoy having multiple cores in our CPUs, it is also very important to have high single-thread performance.

    The mid-2010 MBP had i7 620M CPU:

    2.66 GHz base with two levels of Turbo-boost:
    + 3*133MHz (still 2 cores)
    or + 5*133MHz (1 core mode)

    Which gives us 3.33GHz maximum on a single-thread task.

    The new mid-level 15" MBP has i7 2720QM:

    2.2GHz base with 4 levels of Turbo-boost:
    +6*100MHz (4 cores)
    +7*100MHz (3 cores)
    +8*100MHz (2 cores)
    +9*100MHz (1 core)

    which gives us 3.1GHz maximum on single-thread task (or 3.2GHz in the case of the buit-to-order MBP with i7 2820QM).

    Now, these are new CPUs with optimised architecture, so the performance per MHz is expected to be higher. The cache has been expanded from 3MB to 6MB (8MB).

    The article about Turbo-boost also warns that full boost can be rarely achieved.

    I wonder if such single-thread benchmarks already exist. Or maybe somebody could measure it?

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