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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Ben Kei, Aug 18, 2017.

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    Good morning all,

    I've got a MacBook Pro late 2011 that suffered from the GPU death this week and of course Apple stopped repairing a few months back. Just my luck!

    Anyway, I've verified the disk is fine in single user mode and I know how to copy off individual directories but I assume there's an option to copy an entire drive?

    So my question is, what's the text string for this action? I'm no Unix user, I've got as far as I have so far with a combination of Google and luck!
    Secondarily, if I manage to get a copy of the drive, am I likely to run into permission issues trying to access some folders? as you would trying to access another users folders.

    The way I've been doing it so far is here:

    Although I replaced -pr for -prv which I found somewhere else to give verbose feedback so I knew when the action was actually finished.

    Thanks in advance,
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    dd terminal command should function in single user mode and can clone the partition, no permission errors, if you have a drive equal to or bigger than the partition size to clone it to:

    Feel the dead GPU feels. I had a 2009 MBP with two GPUs, one failed after four years and the other has been 90% dead after 6 (blue screen cast/random shutdowns).
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    Also may be possible to switch to using only integrated graphics on your year:

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