Siri and Galaxy (S2) Voice Command

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MigThePlane, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Oct 5, 2011
    I'm really interested in the iPhone 4S. Since the main feature of this version is 'Siri', I'm wondering how Siri works compared to the Voice Command one on the SG2.

    I've had a really bad experience from the SGS2. It took forever to load, everytime! It did work sometimes though, if I waited patiently for a 10 minutes. Though, that could depend on my location since I live in Sweden. Therefore, I'm worried that Siri will function as bad as the Galaxy Voice Command, if not worse. I am aware that the voice command on both phones need to communicate with their servers and also that there is no localization for Siri in Sweden (yet). I'd be happy if Siri manage to work fluidly here, without a even without a Swedish version.

    So, from your experience(s), which works best?
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    I do know how good Siri is, but I'm wondering if people have stumbled upon the "takes forever to process" problem on an iPhone 4S? Galaxy Voice is useless because it never loads.
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    Keep in mind that Siri can't do some things outside of the US:
    • Business lookup (with Yelp integration) is not available outside the US.
    • Map directions and traffic data is not available outside the US.
    • Besides US, UK, and Australian accents, Siri may have some trouble with "very specific" English accents.
    • Wolfram Alpha integration is only available to English-speaking countries at the moment

    Siri's a cool concept, but I wouldn't buy an iPhone just because of it. On top of these problems, Siri's also a fair bit away from realizing its goal of not being limited to specific commands. Siri has a really hard time when you try speaking casually to her (like Apple's obviously intending) or when you try doing stuff like sending text messages to multiple people at once.
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    I "evaluated" a Galaxy S2 during the week that the 4S was announced. When the Siri feature was unveiled, I wanted to try the voice feature out on my phone. So I didn't have any issue about slow start but I noticed that in most cases my inquiries ended up in a Google search. Overall, the polish of Siri in addition to the enthusiastic support Apple has for the feature and the integration of certain sources of data beyond Google makes it more compelling for me. I haven't had an iPhone since the first generation, but suffice to say that I am currently in queue for brand new 4S after taking the Galaxy S2 back. :D
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    If you have problems getting access to Google servers you'll probably have even bigger problems with Apple servers for Apple is not really known for Internet prowess (much less than Google). And, as others mentioned, no local info for users outside US.

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