iPhone Siri asks for email address when texting


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Apr 24, 2010
When I ask Siri to "Text Bob and say hello" Siri says "Ok, which email address for Bob". Of course, I don't want to send it to any email address. It should go to his mobile. If I say to use their mobile number, Siri will say there is no mobile number for that contact. Of course if I tell her to call Bob's mobile she has no issue. It is only for texting she has difficulty.

For some contacts there is no problem, for many there is. If I remove the email address for the contact then Siri doesn't ask and will just send it to their mobile number. But when I re-add the email address the problem reoccurs.

I tried resetting all settings. And this is an iPhone 6 set up as new.
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May 8, 2010
I don't say "Text Bob and say hello..." I say "Tell Bob hello ..." and it works well for me.


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Apr 9, 2015
I have a similar issue here.
Seems like a bug that occurs when the contact has more than one phone number or email.

Solution: Remove the second phone number and/or second e-mail addr
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