HomePod Siri Command with HomePod: "Hey Siri, play shuffle" doesn't do anything

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    Thread title is getting at Siri kinda sucking a lot of the time in use with HomePod.

    I had this experience earlier today, where I said, "Hey Siri, play shuffle" And siri says, "Okay I've set playback to shuffle." (silence)

    Is music playing now? Is the volume off? Another example, siri somehow thinks I want it to play Beats 1 and just starts playing it, cutting off the song on shuffle I was enjoying. "Hey siri, play what you were playing just before this. "Sorry, I can't do that in music." *beats 1 loudly continues* (?)

    The speaker is great but Siri...sometimes I wish I had a video of interactions with this speaker so Apple could write stronger routines.
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    You invoked a toggle. Just say "shuffle my music" and "go back one track". Im not shocked what you said didn't work.....it doesn't make any sense grammatically or contextually. You're over complicating the commands saying way too much unneeded fluff. Also you cant go backwards and forwards when using live Beats 1, its LIVE.

    Check apple's site for the basics on using it. Keep it simple.
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    As above, and you can also shuffle playlists or individual albums in the same way. Shuffle my xxxx playlist, shuffle the album xxx(name) by xxx(artist)
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    Just spend some time learning how to give her commands. I do kind of agree that she should be a little smarter and understand what you mean, but you have to understand specific words like "play" trigger her to look for a name of a song or artist after that
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