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Oct 14, 2013
Siri won't control any of my lights today. Wemo or Hue. All it says is "Something went wrong, try again". This is on my HomePods, iPad, iPhone and Mac. I can turn them on and off from the Home App so I know they are working properly. It has to be an issue with Siri, but I haven't seen anything posted anywhere when I search Google. Anyone else having a problem with their devices?


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Jan 8, 2012

Seems everyone is online.

Have you tried turning off Wifi on the iPhone and see if Siri works?

As odd as it sounds you may want to try to power cycle your router. Siri is using SSL over TCP and there can be issues on your network that could hinder Siri's performance without effecting your basic internet throughput.


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May 27, 2008
my HomePod does this about once every month or 2.
works great from everything else, just not the HomePod.

normally a power cycle of the HomePod fixes it.