Siri... Is it possible?

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    Well, I wanted to make this topic to discuss Siri for other iDevices.

    See Siri may not be ported because the proximity sensors in every other iDevice do not have the one in the 4S, so Raise to Speak will not work on these devices. I'm not exactly saying it won't be ported, but don't hold your breath.

    Apple did this so we wouldn't get the full experience. Typical... Like FaceTime for the iPhone 3GS and the original iPad. It was the back camera used instead with a Cydia tweak, making the experience unlike the iPhone 4 at the time. People say they have ported Siri to other iDevices. Jackoplane, TheSiriPort (fake/hoaxes), ReagentX, THiZiZMi, ShadowD3v. And even troughtonsmith and chpwn, who actually got it to work on the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPhone 3GS, the 3GS was Ryan Petrich's. So with all of the claims and hoaxes, and those who actually ported it, why not release it? Why not actually give us it so people won't be forced to spend $200, make a new contract and have an unjailbreakable phone. Piracy! The word that is used and the rule that is broken. They say if they get the VFDecrypt keys, they can port it semi-legally. So, when will it be released. Why can't they give it to a friend who will anonymously release it, with the servers that they have?

    These are my questions. Are there any real answers? Do you think we'll ever get Siri on our iDevices? (besides the iPhone 4S)

    That is the purpose of this thread.

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