Siri Offers Humorous Responses to Questions About Hit Game Pokémon Go


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's virtual assistant Siri is known for offering up funny responses to a range of questions, and Apple's Siri team often puts time and effort into providing Siri with answers and comments on current events. This summer, augmented reality game Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon, and as discovered on Reddit and by 9to5Mac, Siri will now answer questions about the hit game.

A question like "Siri, what's your favorite Pokémon?" receives answers like "That yellow species with an electrostatic tail of variable lengths is rather cute" or "Polymaths prefer Poliwags." Asking Siri if it likes Pokémon Go also results in humorous answers like "I like pocket monsters. Pocket assistants, too."

Because Siri draws in information from sources like Wolfram Alpha, which has offered information about Pokémon since 2013, the personal assistant can also answer specific questions you ask about Pokémon. Data available includes Pokémon type, abilities, stats, evolutions, and more specific comparative questions about which Pokémon have the highest attack, fastest speed, and more.

While fervor over Pokémon Go has died down somewhat in recent days due to controversial feature changes and decisions made by Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go set an App Store record for the most ever downloads during its first week of availability.

It is considered the biggest mobile game in U.S. history and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. According to estimates, the game brings in more than $10 million in daily revenue across the iOS and Google Play app stores.

To find other questions Siri gives funny answers to,, a new website that offers a comprehensive list of Siri commands is worth checking out.

Article Link: Siri Offers Humorous Responses to Questions About Hit Game Pokémon Go
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Mar 14, 2012
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Damn it, siri!

I know it's my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend!
In a world we must defend,
Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!
A heart so true,
Our courage will pull us through...

You teach me and I'll teach you!
Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!
Gotta catch 'em all!

(repeat the song few more times)
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Aug 24, 2005
This is what they spend their time programming? Seriously?

I can imagine their meetings:

Hey guys, you know what's a great idea? There's this pokemon phenomenon going on, we should capitalize on it!

Okay, cool, let's program a bunch of canned responses into Siri!

Cool! Okay, Johnson get on it, should be done in like 30 minutes right?


Now what? Fix Siri? Nah, meeting adjourned!


Feb 11, 2008
Can't innovate my ass!! Siri can piggyback off anything that is ....innovating ;)

Siri + Samsung = marriage made in heaven


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Aug 11, 2016
Even in its current version on IOS 10 beta, it is not much better. This is why I have google for the serious questions I need to get. I asked Siri when Michael Phelps swims again and it asked Which team, the clippers or sonics. No excuse for it being this bad this long. It is embarrassing. Googles search just eats its lunch.


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Jan 29, 2003
Would be great to see some of that effort put into making Siri useful.
Or keeping Macs current. Or building a 17 inch MBP.
Would be nice to see Suri as remotely useful as Cortana or have the speech recognition capabilities of Google. Instead they waste time programming corny jokes that are funny about 3 times to a 13 year old.
Suri Cruise?

Or Siri?
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