Siri on iOS 6 beta.


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Jan 29, 2008
Glasgow, UK
Hey folks.

I've noticed that if you change Siri to English (British), and ask it about movies, it returns results saying it can't find any movie theatres, etc.

However, switch it back to English (American), and ask it where you can see (for example) Marvel's Avengers, it will return results saying "I've found several movie theatres showing Marvel's Avengers, four of them are fairly close to you".

The same goes if you use Forstall's keynote example. Ask British Siri for movies with Scarlett Johansson, and you get nothing back. Ask the American Siri the same question, and it returns the list of movies, complete with viewable trailers.


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Dec 16, 2011
Not all languages/voices seem to have all features yet. German (Switzerland) doesn't work at all.

Tried English (American) in Germany and location based (Yelp) Services seems to work fine now, but it's kind of a bummer that Siri doesn't know what I'm talking about when asking for Euro 2012 results. :D


Mar 26, 2008
Siri needs to be multilingual. its impossible to use most features like music control or the new movie thing in german because most songs/movies have an english title but siri only "thinks in german "play song rite of ring" becomes "play song reite auf dem ring" for example :rolleyes:
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