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Sep 15, 2012
I use Siri a lot to start a timer and before iOS 17, Siri would use the currently selected alarm for the timer. Now it seems timers started with Siri ignores whatever timer is selected (I have a silent alarm) and instead uses the default Radial alarm.

Starting the timer in the clock app allows me to use the selected alarm.

Does anyone know how to change it so that Siri uses my silent alarm?
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Feb 7, 2017
I have the same problem:. Here is what I observe.
  1. Change timer sound to something other than Radial, the default.
  2. Start timer using app on screen. When timer reaches 0, sound played is sound set.
  3. Start timer using Siri. When timer reaches 0, sound played is Radial, even though sound selected is sound set in step 1.
  4. If again start timer on screen, sound played is sound originally set
  5. If close app after #3 and then re-open it, sound selected is Radial.
  6. On iPhone, if close app after #2 or #4 and then re-open it, sound selected is sound originally set. Selected sound is played if start timer on screen.
  7. On iPad, if close app after step #2 or #4 and then re-open it, sound selected reverts to Radial as soon as start timer on screen
I’ve read that there are other problems with ringtones. I’m hoping that 17.1 fixes the problem
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Oct 25, 2012
Since updating to iOS 17 on my iPhone 12 mini, my problem is, when using the Hey Siri command to start the timer, I get no sound, or very faint when the timer ends!


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Feb 7, 2017
Not sure if you’ve tried yet, but 17.1 has fixed this issue for me, finally!
17.1 didn’t fix the problem for me. On the other hand, on the Apple forum I mentioned previously ( someone posted a workaround which worked for me. But even the workaround hasn’t worked for everyone.

 After updating to iOS 17.1 delete all the recent Timers at the bottom of the Timer section of the Clock app.
 Create a new Timer for 15 seconds or so (manually, not with Siri) and choose the default sound you want.
 Then put your phone to sleep by pressing the side button while you wait for the Timer to go off.
 After it goes off and you stop it, then ask Siri to set a new Timer for 15 seconds and it should be set to the last sound you used above.

I’m not sure phone has to be in sleep mode when Timer goes off and I’m not sure the two times have to match, but I followed all these steps as written and it worked!!
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