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    Siri on my touch 5g sometimes shows a purple bar at the top of the screen...sometimes it's visible and other times it's not...anyone know why this happens? And I understand that the servers may be busy, but I get this pretty much 3/5 of the time. And I'm not even trying to do anything really difficult...just check the weather or open an app. I just want to know why this happens!

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    Siri relies on both Nuance-owned servers and Apple-owned servers. Nuance-owned servers take the audio clip of you giving Siri a command and figure out what words you used. Apple-owned servers use the transcription to figure out how Siri should respond.

    iOS7 has been out for less than a week. Eventually, use of Siri will die down. However, Nuance's servers can be bogged down by other people using any of their technologies.

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