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    I just got my 42mm Nike watch series 3 and I am receiving and making calls/text messages. The problem is that when I hold the digital crown down I cannot hear siri's voice. The volume is working because I get notified of messages - any ideas on how to fix this?
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    You need to put it on the charger so it can download its voice
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    seriously? I have never heard of that before. will the watch automatically know to download the voice? I just got my watch today so I have not yet put it on the charger....
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    Yes the previous poster is correct, the voice needs to be downloaded. First to you watch and then to your Watch. Put it on the charger and make sure Wi-Fi is on.

    Setting Up Siri for Watch:

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to the Siri & Search setting. Tap the Press Home for Siri slider to enable Siri for iPhone and Apple Watch. Tap on Siri Voice. Select the voice that appeals to you.

    To check the status of the download on your Apple Watch, tap Settings > General > Siri, then scroll to Siri Voice. If the voice needs to download, you'll see this message: "Siri will speak with the same voice selected on your iPhone. Waiting to download. Download will occur when your watch is charging."

    Note: Both your iPhone and Watch will share the same Siri voice / language selection.

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    You dont have to do anything. Apple has done it all for you. Siri will appear in due time. She's getting dolled up and will be with you soon.

    ie. next time you charge your watch.

    Its all automatic. Or if you prefer, Applematic.
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