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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by chrislaw, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I have been a Spotify premium user for a long time. I enjoy it and really do not have anything bad to say about it. Sometimes what I want to listen to isn't in the catalog, but such is life. I listen to Spotify or podcasts all day at work and on my motorcycle (music on the bike, not shows as I think it would be distracting)

    Anyway, I have recently decided to look into Sirius again (I was a subscriber many moons ago, my receiver was stolen from my car and I never replaced it) so that I can listen to shows and comedy at work. I like Spotify because if I ever run into a place where signal lacks I can listen to the music I've stored from the app. I know you can do this with shows on the SiriusXm app but can you with songs? Anyone have experience with both and can give me your experiences?

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    I have both a SiriusXM and Rdio (equivilent to Spotify) subscriptions. For me, they service two different purposes. For example, if I just want to listen to a specific genre of music, I will listen to SiriusXM. However, if there is a specific artist and/or album I want to listen to, then I'll use my Rdio app. SiriusXM has On Demand programming where you can download shows to your phone and listen to them whenever you want. Rdio (Spotify) you can sync songs/albums to your phone to listen to even if you don't have a data connection.

    If I had to give up one of the services, it would probably be SiriusXM since I could always use Pandora or Songza for pre-selected songs.

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