Site Bloggers and quite baiting/mining: Is there a policy?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by scaredpoet, Oct 3, 2014.

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    I've run into a couple of instances today where it looks like a blogger/journalist has posted a thread that appears to be for the purpose of seeking quotes from MR members... the problem is, they aren't identifying themselves as such until later on in the thread (or they get discovered and tacitly acknowledge it). This has been a particular problem in the iPhone forums, where obviously bendgate is hotly discussed.

    A couple of examples:

    This OP starts of with an "I'm bored with iOS, what do you think" type post, then acknowledges here that he's a blogger writing an article, and acknowledges here that he's "gauging the community," seeking quotes. You can tell from his demeanor that's he's trying REALLY hard to steer the narrative about "Apple faithful" a particular way.

    Example 2:

    based on this user's post history, I make the suggestion that maybe he's affiliated with a certain site. While not directly admitting it, the OP's affiliation is tacitly acknowledged.

    Here's the deal: I know that my posts are public, just like anything in these forums. But, my opinion and I'm sure the opinions of others are not given in the context of an interview. Also, considering that there doesn't appear to be any desire by such members to identify what their affiliation is and what their purpose is, it seems like there's a lot of discussion-baiting and potential for misquoting. The posts clearly have an agenda, and the narrative is being steered.

    So, is there a policy on this sort of activity? if so, how does it get reported?

    And if not... is there going to be a policy under consideration? This is certainly having a chilling effect on my posts and probably others. I might not stick around if what I say is going to be routinely misquoted somewhere, and I don't even know I was the subject of an "interview" or where it's being published.

    Perhaps some might think I'm making a bigger deal of this than I should, but take of it what you will.
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    Speaking generally, posting for the purpose of solicitation isn't allowed, so if you suspect someone is posting to prompt a discussion from which s/he can harvest quotes, please report the thread via the report function.

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