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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by irishgrizzly, Mar 7, 2008.

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    I'm very new to photography – only used point and shoot with little room for adjustments. I bought a Canon G9 and would like to get the most out of these shooting modes – full program mode, aperture/shutter priority and full manual. Can anyone recommend a site that will explain why to get the best out of these settings? I will of course be playing about with them myself and reading through the manual, but I'd like so read something that could explain simply these settings with practical examples.
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    There are a number of levels to photography you need to learn

    1. Composition and subject -- what to shoot, how to think about what is in your viewfinder, etc.
    2. How to photograph -- the basics on exposure, aperture, lighting, etc.
    3. How to use a digital camera to take those photographs
    4. How to post-process those photos for best effect (using Aperture, Photoshop, other tools).

    There are tons of resources on line for #s 3 and 4. Here's one that addresses #3 But without #s 1 and 2, you'll get well produced but perhaps poorly shot or boring pictures.

    I'm not at my Mac, so I don't have my bookmarked links handy, but I know there are some really good sites for #2 and possibly #1. Here's a web page I just googled on composition:

    A good site for talking to other G9 users is, though it's currently down for maintenance until 1700 GMT.

    I used to take pictures with a film SLR about 20 years ago, so I'm just getting back into the hobby now. I've picked up some good books on composition, lighting and shooting at my local bookstore. I also dug out my old film SLR, and was playing around with it. Once I put it in my hands, I remembered how I used to use it (like riding a bike), then I picked up my G9, and transferred my old thought processes onto my new equipment. That helped a lot.

    If you've never shot with an SLR camera before, and you want to get serious about photography, while the G9 is a very nice camera (IMO the best for what it is -- compact, full featured and RAW), you would probably learn better on a DSLR, because the range of settings is much greater on a DSLR, so you can see more dramatic impact on your images when you do things like change the Aperture. Of course, a DSLR is a problem to tote around.

    Lastly, look for a local community photo club or photo class. A brief time in a class or with a group of photographers will get you off to a strong start, and then start shooting.
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    The Library or bookstore is the place to go. No one could answer this here and even most web sites on this subject don't cover it all that well.

    The #1 thing how ever is to know what you are trying to do. What effect is it that you want. You can't make a decision about how to turn some dial until you what you want to photo to look like. You have to first have a goal like maximizu=ing depth of field, freezing motion or showing it... Only then do you have a reason to move out of automatic mode.

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