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Mar 27, 2009
Skipton, UK
I'm looking at redesigning my personal site and there's a bit of mission creep going on:rolleyes:

At the moment the site navigation and menu system follows the fairly standard major sections along the top of the page in a navigation list with multi-level flyout menus in the left-hand column. The menus are styled using CSS only - no JavaScript.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to variations on this? My basic requirements are that any system shouldn't use JavaScript for accessibility reasons, preferably non-Flash (I don't know enough Flash to implement it). I'm getting an increasing number of visits from mobile devices - iPhone etc, so any menu system should be compatible with such devices which means they could be arranged both horizontally and vertically.

The various menus are pulled in via PHP include files so although there are a large number of pages on the site, there are relatively few files (c. 15) to actually alter.

Or is the current system as good as I'm likely to get?
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