Situ Scale Review: This Smart Scale Needs a Smarter App [Updated]

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    The Situ Scale, which originated as a Kickstarter Project, is an iPad-connected food scale that's designed to offer up a more precise picture of the calorie and nutrient content in the food you're eating by measuring portion size in ounces or grams and storing nutrition information in an accompanying iPad app.

    You can take a handful of crackers or an apple, place it on the scale, and get a calorie and nutrient estimate that's based on weight, which is more accurate than using a nutrition measuring app alone. In many apps, the only option would be to enter "medium sized apple" or "13 Goldfish crackers," whereas the Situ Scale can use the weight of what you're eating for a quicker, more reliable measurement.


    I went hands-on with the Situ Scale and I was impressed with what it has the potential to do, but there are some definite caveats to the product. I had no complaints about the scale itself, but as you'll see in my review, this is not a product that's going to work for everyone due to the limitations of the iPad app.

    The Scale

    The Situ Scale looks and functions a lot like other scales one might purchase for the kitchen. It's made from a sleek white glass-topped plastic that was a good aesthetic fit in my kitchen and is likely to match with most kitchen decor. It's big enough to hold a large bowl, but not so big that it took up an excessive amount of countertop space.


    It's powered by two batteries and controlled by an on/off switch on the side. When turned on, it pairs with an iPad over Bluetooth, a function that worked flawlessly. Every time I turned it on it connected to my iPad within a matter of seconds, without fail. Aside from the Bluetooth connectivity, it works as any other kitchen scale. There are rubber feet on the bottom to raise it up slightly and keep it from slipping around on a countertop.

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    A very useful review, thanks Juli.
    I am very interested in something like this, but this doesn't look like the one!
  3. CFreymarc Suspended

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    Been following this for a while. Does anyone know if the SDK publishes the BLE service and charastic IDs along with parameter descriptions? There is a cottage business of scanning into BLE devices to read undocumented characteristics for third party use.
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    If the scales were compatible with MFP (myfitnesspal) I would buy.
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    Nice concept, but better review.

    Who needs to measure the calorie content of an apple, anyway?

    A tub of lard, maybe.
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    Nottingham & London, UK
    Anyone into nutritional fitness, CICO (calories in calories out) weight loss, people who bulk and cut while gaining muscle, anyone who closely follows their nutritional macros, people on doctor/hospital prescribed VLCDs, people with metobolical disorders, 75 million members of MFP (myfitnesspal), etc etc etc.

    Some apples are over 70 kcal each, 70 kcals in a 1200 - 1500 kcal diet is actually a sizable chunk. Except most UK retailers list the whole apple's kcals including the core. If you reweigh everything with just the core left then you have your actual calories eaten (minus the seeds and core).

    (over 80 lbs lost through MFP, CICO and following daily nutritional macros).
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    Does the app matter? Just use any scale, and an app that allows you to calorie count etc.
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    as long as you can input your own nutritional data id like one.
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    Check out

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