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What are you planning to buy this fall?

  • I am an iPhone X owner - I will upgrade to a "10S"

    Votes: 32 8.8%
  • I am an iPhone X owner - I will upgrade to a "10S Plus"

    Votes: 42 11.6%
  • I am an iPhone 8/8+ Owner - I will upgrade to an 10S or 10S Plus

    Votes: 18 5.0%
  • I am an iPhone 8/8+ Owner - I will upgrade to the "iPhone 9"

    Votes: 2 0.6%
  • I am a 7/6s/6/SE Owner - I will upgrade to one of the three new models

    Votes: 73 20.2%
  • I am a 7/6s/6/SE Owner - I will upgrade to an older model (8, 7)

    Votes: 8 2.2%
  • I am keeping my current phone / not sure

    Votes: 187 51.7%

  • Total voters


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Original poster
Mar 13, 2012
We are six months away from new iPhones, including the introduction of two new models - the 6.1" LCD (call it the iPhone 9 for now) and the 6.5" OLED (call it the XS Plus for now). I feel like the purchasing decision this year is more difficult than ever. I have an iPhone 8+ now, but I am bumping up against my storage limit. I really need 256G. A 256G "10S Plus" will likely cost $1,400 or more, and I frankly don't know if I want to spend that, especially given I will likely be spending $1,500 on an updated iPad Pro in a couple of months. The LCD iPhone is really intriguing, but I can't go back to a non-dual camera. My best option may be to get an X or another 8+ now at 256G and wait for another year.

What are you guys thinking?


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Nov 16, 2017
Currently have an 8+ on the iphone upgrade program. I will almost certainly get one of the new models. No idea which one yet. We will see what they have to offer when it rolls around.
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rui no onna

Oct 25, 2013
My iPhone 7 is still holding up quite nicely (knock on wood). Even battery life is good. Besides, I can take advantage of the $29 battery replacement end of this year to extend useful life even further.

We have one iPhone 6 Plus in the household that might get updated to iPhone 7 Plus or newer. Will wait until the keynote (and price drops) before deciding what model to get.
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Sep 15, 2012
I am going to keep my 6S+ for a couple more years at least. Its a double squeeze - the phones are getting more and more expensive, while resale values are just not what they used to be due to the ubiquity of billions of iPhones in the hands of people. So, this means that the barriers to upgrade are now much higher and I think my phone upgrade cycles will end being 5 - 6 years, more like what I used to do with my computers (which have now gone to 8 years+).


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Apr 27, 2016
New Jersey
Thinking about going smaller this year, maybe updated X version. I generally shop the deals, got a $300 gift card when I got my 8+, which I love but I'd like a smaller form this time around, so I need to see if there are any good incentives out there to upgrade. It helps that I could care less about being an early adopter, usually Black Friday deals are when I start to shop around.
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Feb 6, 2013
United Kingdom
Currently iPhone X, for the first time in forever will likely keep it another year and see what 2019 brings.
Then again if the 2018 Autumn releases are extraordinary I might reconsider.

This is exactly the same situation for me, happy with my X more than I have been with any other iPhone so don't feel the need to upgrade.


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Original poster
Mar 13, 2012
Based on the poll results, not a lot of anticipation for 2019 iPhones right now. Obviously we don't have all the information on the phones but interesting situation nonetheless
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May 6, 2008
It's way too early to be thinking about new models that will be released in the fall. I'll continue to happily use my X each day for now.

If I were to look ahead, there is a strong possibility that I'll hold on to my X for another year.


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Nov 12, 2014
I'm holding on to my X until 2019 for two reasons - 1) I paid $1,250 for it, including tax, and don't feel like it would be financially prudent to drop at least that much on another phone so soon; 2) I really like the phone and still enjoy using it. As such, I see no reason to upgrade.


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Apr 28, 2010
I went to the X and miss the Plus size so will be ordering X Plus for sure. Tired of this small phone...wish I would have just kept my Plus. I so like all screen and gestures though for sure.


macrumors member
Aug 17, 2011
Montreal, Quebec Canada
I've had my 8 Plus since launch and don't plan on upgrading until 2019 at the earliest. In the past, I wouldn't hold on to a phone for more than 2 years until I got the iPhone 6 which I kept for 3 years.
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Mar 4, 2018
Got my X Feb 27th so I’m keeping mine 2 years.

An X2 with faster processor isn’t enough for an upgrade.

The X plus will be too big for me and I’m never going back to LCD.

If there was any anticipation it would’ve been for the X and new UI. Now it’s just moving forward.
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Sep 13, 2007
Sorry Apple, I have bought every single iPhone since launch and next one might be the last for a while. Nothing earth shattering was delivered and where is all the promises of what this device will do next 6 months per Jon Ives? I love the X but not willing to shell out another $1200.


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Jan 23, 2002
East Coast
I'm currently using an iPhone6 and will definitely need a replacement this fall. I will opt for the successor to the current iPhoneX (10S). I'm not interested the 10S+, unless it has some sort of camera feature that doesn't make it onto the regular 10S.

I might be tempted to get the "9", if it has the same CPU and RAM as the 10S and a dual-camera module in a 4.7" body size. I'm not interested in anything physically larger than the current X, which is about the size of an iPhone 6.


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Dec 3, 2017
I’ll keep my 8 plus. I planned on an x plus, but the 8 plus is so great for me. If the new x plus has band 71, that may push me to it.
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Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
X user and on the upgrade programme, so most likely will be changing phones at the end of the year. Will probably go for an 'X Plus' if all the models come down in price and it works out as no extra per month compared to my X, but otherwise will stick with the 5.8" model as it's already on the edge of what I'm comfortable paying.
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