Sixtyforce not saving, anyone?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by RoboCop001, Dec 17, 2007.

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    I only have one game on my Sixtyforce emulator, and that's Zelda Ocarina of Time. And yes, yes I do have the actual game and console. lol

    Anyway... whenever I save and close the emulator, I always have to start over again. It doesn't save it. I tried looking around for a save file somewhere, in the app's folder, in application support, but nothing.

    I looked around in the preferences too, nothing about saving there.

    The only thing I can think of is that my sixtyforce is not registered so some features are disabled. It doesn't say saving is disabled though, only "autosaving" whatever that is.

    Is it a bug? Does sixtyforce not save? I don't mean the freeze-state. I mean just going to the game's save menu, and saving a game.

    And if anyone knows of a good PS1 emulator that actually works, besides PCSX and FlareStorm 2, that'd be great! I want to be able to play my PS games on a Mac lol
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    My guess would be, and I'm 99% positive, your copy is not registered. You HAVE to register it to save any game. I actually downloaded sixtyforce recently and played and beat Ocarina of time, but I registered my copy. It cost 17$ I think, which includes "updates for life". You can go it through the site. If you are unsure if you are registered or not (for some reason) open up sixtyforce, and under the task bar, click: sixtyforce>about and the little window that pops up, it will say if it is registered to anybody, and if it is not, you can click the button to do so, which will link you directly to the site for payment. It's worth it, in my opinion, even just to play zelda. Reliving childhood memories..can't put a price on that ;)
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    After you register

    Exactly where should it say Freeze State & Defrost State? Or should it act like a real memory card?
    Oh nevermind...Options thing up top>Switch controller to memory card. & then it u got it. Nice & simple. not like that Flarestorm 2 or PCSX i spent 7 hours trying to get to work so i could play that one mega man. this is a well made emulator. Then now in same place under Options it has option of switching controller to rumble pack.
    What i dont get is why its so easy to get cartridge based rom dump emulates so simple and cd rom emulators i just dont get. i end up d/l a cue&bin file & i play with that in toast and am i supposed to burn it or what? I mean i got the real games but theyre all scratched up terribly or whatever
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    whats with emulators and macs having to pay for them. they are so expensive too. ok 10-15 bucks is fine whatever. but the regular nes one is 30 bucks. the snes seems to be the only free one left.
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