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    Mar 5, 2010
    i was wondering, is there a difference between the sketchbook pro in the mac app store as opposed to buying it in the store? and with the mac app store version can you use the drawing tablets with it? please NO stupid, smart ass replies. just answer the questions, please and thank you :)
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    Mar 5, 2010

    i emailed the company and here was their reply, i hope this helps out anyone else with the same questions or concerns.

    "The core software in the Mac App Store vs. the Retail are the same, but the entitlements and terms are very different.

    For example, when you buy the retail version, you are entitled to the Mac and Windows versions, which you activate with the same activation codes. So long as you have the installers, you can move the license around and use them on different machines following the terms of use (basically one machine in use at a time).
    The Mac App Store version is quite different in that the download is tied to your Apple ID. The benefit in the terms is that you are allowed to have this on all your personal Macs. Great for home-use, not so great for a company with IT.

    In terms of actual feature differences, both Mac App Store and retail version have the main SketchBook Pro software. The retail version's installer also provides a Snapshot utility that grabs the screen an then launches SketchBook with the grab imported... A small but nice little app.

    Lastly, we keep both versions updated (at most, a couple of months difference is we put out a dot release update. Naturally, this I automatic on the Mac App Store. For other customers, this has to be manually downloaded and installed. Once again, there are pros and cons for each.

    It is important to note that that Mac App Store and standard retail versions are not transferable... Which is why your question is really good purchasing research.

    As for your second question, SketchBook is really designed to take advantage of tablet input, so devices like the Wacom tablets really give that natural sketching feel.

    I hope this answers your questions."

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