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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by pulawman, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. pulawman macrumors member

    Jun 12, 2010
    Indianapolis, IN
    Anybody else using this app? It made me use the ipad in a fashion I never thought I would. I'm loving it.

    Anybody have any luck though with using any regular stylus with this app or the iPad in general (i.e. Nintendo DS stylus)? I couldn't get my stylus to work, but the finger swiping is working ok.

    I'm interested in getting the pogo, but not sure about the tip on it.

    I'm by no means an artist, but this is the best $8 i've spent on the iPad (besides the iPad purchase itself). Anyone use any other sketch apps or accessories that I should know about?

    Here are some late night quick sketches I made, when I really should have been in bed.

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  2. Baracus macrumors member

    May 26, 2010
    Your drawings are nice! I love Sketchbook Pro too... it's got some big advantages over physical media (undo's, paint light colour onto darks, loads of brush styles, easy to experiment, layers), as well as some (more) drawbacks of course, like the loss of tactile feel, lack of pressure control and natural imperfections that give character, but it's a fun new way of working IMO. I think airbrush style, crisp, almost rendered looking art looks best with it. I might post some of my illustrations at some point when they're not as embarrassing as they currently are.

    Anyway, to answer your point! I got a Pogo Sketch from eBay mainly for this but also for note taking at meetings.

    Verdict = it's certainly better than fingers alone but still not mega precise. Its not easy to start a new stroke joining exactly on to a previous stroke (that is where undo comes in handy!) but you do get used to the way it offsets (well offset isn't the right description; more like you get used to the centre point). It's quite an odd tip, like a spongey material that changes shape so you have to reshape it so its circular/central again once in a while. However on the whole Sketchbook (and note taking) is much better with it than without so well worth grabbing one if you can.

    I haven't tried any other art apps but I don't see the point... this is clearly going to be the best one at present! Might aswell stick to one and learn it properly :)

    I do hope some company can make a more precise stylus in the future though!?!

    I have seen one that fits on your finger like a pointy thimble. Can't remember the name of it but it looked awkward to use to me.

    Happy drawing! ;)
  3. klio macrumors member

    Jun 18, 2010
    I've been trying both Sketchbook Pro and ArtStudio. I decided not to get Brushes because I mostly do line work, and after reading around, I get the impression Brushes is better for more painterly art.

    I find drawing a little bit easier in ArtStudio--a more natural feel to the line and little more responsive, whether I'm drawing with an index finger or a stylus. Sketchbook Pro definitely has more features, but I like the brushes in Art Studio better for mimicking a brush pen or Copic, even though there are fewer brush options. I also find navigating the menu and the undo easier in ArtStudio (but it only has 6 levels of Undo, ugh). Since it's pretty inexpensive, it isn't a big investment to try both apps.

    The Pogo Sketch Stylus worked all right for me. I had to zoom in to do precise work. Compared to my first tries with an Intuos tablet, I think I could get to be pretty comfortable eventually using the Pogo...if it lives long enough. It picks up dust and also gets smushed down pretty quickly (though it "puffs" back up most of the way if left overnight).

    I saw a great YouTube demo of the Dagi stylus. The Dagi looks like it can give you more precise control over where you're drawing, so I've ordered one of those off ebay (went in with other people to order 5 at once @ about $12 each rather than pay way too much for a single one). We'll see how it goes. I use a glove with the thumb and index fingers cut out so I can rest my hand on the iPad.

    Is iPad + Pogo + some app going to be something I use for masterpiece art? I don't think so, but it's great for sketching. I just need to stay away from the Cintiq, or I'll be shelling out a thousand dollars more this month for another shiny shiny toy.

    My line tends to be pretty fine with small details. The b&w drawing I did super quickly. The other one I spent, I dunno, maybe a half hour on trying to figure out how to get precise placement with the stylus.

    OP: I love how your art looks exactly like you did it on paper with pens. I'd never have assumed it was digital.

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