Skinit, worth it?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by TheZimm, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. TheZimm macrumors 6502a


    Jul 12, 2008

    I saw an online site called, an ad in google, I was wondering if they're worth it. I'm thinking of getting one becuase you can completely customize it. Does anyone have one, thoughts?

  2. Sasuke-chan macrumors member

    Feb 4, 2009
    I have been finding skins as well (i havent got my ipod touch yet =X) and I chanced upon this one called uniqueskins which is much cheaper than this skinit which cost less than 10USD including shipping.

    You can look at the skin reviews at youtube too. There are quite a few if I'm not wrong.

    I would have considered this if I haven't already buy another skin. But one thing I dun like about these customised skin is that they don't let you have a go at customising wallpaper/background that goes with your skin.

    Abit off-topic but:

    Personally I am still a noob at this, so I am not sure if there are sites out there that let you make your own background and themes (i suppose there is), but I felt that if these skin-making sites allow for customising background at the same time as the skin, it would be much easier cropping pictures and what-nots =P
  3. SLC Flyfishing Suspended

    SLC Flyfishing

    Nov 19, 2007
    Portland, OR
    It's a neat concept, though I'm not into that sort of thing. I like to leave my iPod looking like it did when I bought it, and there's nothing quite like an invisible shield for that. They prevent scratching better than anything else I've seen out there, and they're pretty easy to install yourself.

    Have you checked out colorware? It's extremely expensive but from what I've heard, the results are phenomenal!

  4. Montymitch macrumors regular


    Feb 16, 2009
    Skinit is cool, but doesn't protect all the ipod. I have an invisishield on my gen I and a skinit on my gen II, and I like the invisishield much better.
    The skinit doesn't protect the screen or the edges, though it does fit pretty well. It's really just for looks. If you want low-bulk protection, go with the invisishield.
  5. cosmefulanito09 macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2009
    I also saw it, but then found out that SpiceMyDevice does the same thing (you can customize it), or get one of the available designs, and they go for around $18-$20 for a macbook, and $10 for an ipod.


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