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    Sep 4, 2006
    When iTunes 7 first came out I really didn't like the look of it. I had just recently switched from Windows and was still lovin' the 'new' Aqua interface. The new design looked very plain and boring.

    But just recently, now that I've got used to Aqua, I've really been liking the look of iTunes (specifically, the grey scroll bars) and now that we've got access to all the Leopard screenshots, I'm just wondering if there is a skin/mod out there that will convert all my Aqua scroll bars into the flat iTunes ones- the current candy bar scroll bars just don't seem to fit with the dark grey windows in Leopard.

    I'm not actually running Leopard at the moment, but I've skinned my windows with the Shape Shifter theme 'Liger'. It's done a wonderful job of the windows, but it leaves the candy bar Aqua scroll bars.

    I know that loads of members don't really like the flat grey iTunes bars, but I think they blend in a whole lot better than the garish candy bars that are being used at the moment.

    So if you know where I can get a skin to mod the bars, I'd be grateful. :)

    Cheers guys

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