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    I have a cheap case for my iPad Mini, but grew to hate it since I bought the Mini for it's thin and lightness, so I looked towards a skin or some sort. After looking at a ton of reviews, I settled on Skinomi - their reviews were fairly good and the one company that was popular, Zagg had the orange peel effect which I can't stand. The package arrived at my door a few days ago, 2 weeks to get here which is understandable since I'm from Canada and it was during the Holidays. Free shipping so you can't ask for much more! So I opened the package and out came a microfiber cloth, few instruction sheets and the screen protector + body skin. I actually only wanted to buy the body skin and use a smart cover, but they don't sell it separately so I thought, what the heck! I'll try to the screen protector and if I don't like it I'll throw it away. I've applied plenty of normal static screen protectors so I thought this would be even easier... I say it's slightly harder, but maybe it's because I'm so used to applying the normal static ones.

    I did the screen protector first - spray both sides, slap it on the screen and squeegee out excess liquid. VERY easy, much easier than a normal static screen protector. I noticed no dust or small pieces of hair since there were A LOT of micro bubbles. I let it sit overnight. I wasn't thinking of doing a review so I never took pictures the first day so you'll just have to trust what I say! It still had a lot of the orange peel effect which kinda pissed me off, but even more was that I saw a small piece of hair under there. Instructions said reapplication was only allowed 10-20 minutes after application so I was going to pull it all off and throw it in the trash, but I had an idea! It came in the package as a hard film so why not spray it again? So I sprayed it, left it for 30 seconds and tried to peel it off... what do you know, it got soft again! Used tweezers to take out that piece of hair, sprayed some liquid under there and squeegeed out the water again. Now for the body skin. Same process, but it was slightly harder due to the corners.. had to use a hair dryer to dry it out a bit, then 'palm' it. Same process, but no dust this time so I was happy.

    So now, 2 full days after the screen protector was put on and 1 day after the body skin was put on, I'm writing this. The screen's orange peel is nearly all gone except for the edges as you'll see in the pictures below. I had to shine my desk lamp on it and take a shot, hardly noticeable during normal usage and I'm sure in a few more days it'll be completely gone. I wanted to try out the 'healing' process so I took a key to it and made a nice big scratch - an hour later and a little bit of rubbing and it's completely gone!


    Any questions or picture request and I'll do em', just ask!

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