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Apr 12, 2001

Skullcandy today announced a series of four new wireless headphones that include Tile's Bluetooth tracking technology. The headphones are called the Push Ultra ($99.99), Indy Evo ($79.99), Indy Fuel ($99.99), and Sesh Evo ($59.99).


The Push Ultra headphones are one of the more expensive Skullcandy headphones launching today, with 40 hours of battery life, a wireless charging case, IP67 sweat and water resistance, and an over-ear hook design similar to the Powerbeats Pro. Each earbud includes playback and volume controls, and the earhooks are moldable to conform better to your ears.


For every model of the new headphones, Skullycandy built each earbud to act as an individual Tile, allowing users to find the left or right earbud individually if they are lost. Skullcandy users will have access to some Tile Premium features, including extended location history and smart alerts.

Additionally, the Skullcandy headphones can be found when they are inside of their charging cases, which can not be done with Apple's AirPods. Apple does offer its own solution to lost AirPods with the "Find My" app, which can locate a pair of lost AirPods if they are lost together outside of the charging case in a nearby location.

The Skullcandy headphones are available on the company's website, starting at $59.99.

Article Link: Skullcandy Launches Four New Headphones With Built-In Tile Bluetooth Tracking Support


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May 9, 2012
Looks like Tile is trying to build an ecosystem

Edit: of course with everything going with Apple’s own work on similar features and the lawsuits - makes sense


Aug 14, 2010
Since Incipio bought Skullcandy in 2016 the quality of their products tanked. I used to love their headphones and I gave a few as presents in the last few years; none of them lasted more than 6 months... Won't buy from this company anymore.

FWIW that Incipio deal fell through and they never ended up acquiring Skullcandy. They ended up being purchased by Mill Road Capital for $196 million in 2016, becoming private again.


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Apr 4, 2003
Tile is a great feature. I have it on my AppleTV remote and it never gets lost. I always lose my airpods pro while they're in the case, and have considered getting a Tile sticker for them but it would ruin the sleekness of the case.

Would actually be a really great feature for Apple to build in to future Airpods and AppleTV remotes.
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Darth Tulhu

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Apr 10, 2019
Thank God there are cheap, good-sounding alternatives out there.

I'm not against the existence of AirPods or other wireless headphones. I know their tech is complex and so is their functionality and features.

I just will never ever ever ever need to pay anything above $50 for headphones as a consumer, especially something that is so easy to misplace and is not really built to last. And I would never take advantage of the features.

I just want to listen to music and hear the movie I'm watching.

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
I think the marketing name ‘Skull Candy’ is a turn off. It just seems ‘teenager-ish’ I see quite a bit of adverting with Target using teenagers sporting these products. It’s just me, but I wouldn’t want to own these.


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May 9, 2020
The same could be said for Beats, especially with the new colors just released. The cost and sound quality really speak for themselves as a collection of affordable, stylish alternatives.
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