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Feb 3, 2008
Essex (UK)
Syrian hackers hack SKY UK and push out modified applications as an update.

This is an interesting one.

Today is Sunday, 26th May, and across the world, many people have woken up following a leisurely lie-in to the small notification of an updated app being available. Nothing unusual there, or so you’d think.

The only difference is that today, some of these app updates may well have been malicious updates, pushed to some of the Sky UK official Android apps. As reported by PC Pro and Android Police; the Sky Go, Sky+, SKY WiFi, and Sky News apps all appeared to be targeted in the attacks that involved updates being pushed to the Google Play Store for these applications.. . .

Now, this does highlight the advantages to Apple's (and presumably Microsoft's) curated app stores with approval processes.

Yes sky aren't innocent in any way if they've been as compromised as they are but the way the hackers have been able to push out an update to these apps is a tad worrying.

Anyone have any concerns over this hack?

Hopefully it's nothing malicious in the end.


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Mar 21, 2011
Imagine if they hadn't put their flag up to show the hack, it could have gone unnoticed for days.
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