Skylake/Canonlake Roadmap

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by sasha.danielle, May 13, 2015.

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    Most predictions I've seen here up till now have been for a Q1 refresh of the rMB, at the earliest.
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    That seems unfortunate given how close that is to Canonlake.
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    Well, first, I'd be very, very suspicious of the ability of Intel to actually execute on this. Skylake and Broadwell were delayed so many times, and even worse in terms of shipping in quantity, even if Intel can manage a Q4 milestone for the Skylake Y processors, I seriously doubt they'll ship in any meaningful volume for another quarter after that. Yields will be low, very very low I think.

    Second, if Intel is just sampling those procs in Q4, I don't think AAPL can or would bring a fully baked system to market for at least 3-6 most after that.

    I think Q1 is a pipe dream for Skylake rMBs. I think Q2 is even pushing it.

    Third, they may announce but there's very little chance actual product hits consumers until very late Q2 or early Q3.

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    Yup, totally right. There's a lot of other material out there pointing to at least Q1 2016 for the Skylake Y. Canonlake Y then shipping only 3 months later on a brand new process (10nm was it?) seems very optimistic to put it lightly.

    Plus, the Skylake Y apparently won't be supporting LPDDR4 memory like its more performance oriented siblings, so I think Canonlake will be the more compelling will be the mature version of Skylake for Y processors.

    Then you've got the next new architecture after that... ;) Its the infinite wait for the next best and latest processor dillema!

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