Skylake rMBPs before or after Christmas?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Macula, May 2, 2015.

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    Fellow Mac gamblers, please estimate whether the next-gen rMBP will be released before Christmas (in 2015) or after (2016). Context: I am in truly desperate need of a new machine (my 2008 MB) is dying, yet if the Skylake-based series is only 4-5 months out, perhaps (perhaps!) I might be able to postpone the purchase and live on a cheap Mac mini meanwhile. I buy a new machine only every 5 years on average, and the Iris 6100 graphics in the current rMBP do not inspire perfect confidence.
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    I'm thinking it would be Quad-Core Broadwell for rMBP 15" this WWDC, and Skylake for next year.
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    Given the delay for quad-core Broadwell parts, I doubt Intel would kill that market by releasing quad-core Skylake parts even if they're somehow ready at platform launch.
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    My opinion: 2016

    Apple are tending to only make one major iteration of their Macbook range once per year and for the 13 inch display Air and Pro they have happened already this year in March.

    My guess is Skylake won't be making an appearance in any Macbook model until early 2016. Apple has to rely on Intel and while Intel may want to close the book on Broadwell as quickly as possible Intel still has to recoup R&D costs and production costs for this Tick (Intel's Tick-Tock).

    if a new range of models hasn't been released by mid/late October you know it is coming in 2016. Apple doesn't not release major products any later than this for the shopping season ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Intel is going to make a major sales push on Skylake but I just don't believe this will happen until 2016 and at this point we might see a redesign for the rMBP.
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    If Skylake comes early, it will likely be the dual cores and it will be a big upgrade with eDRAM 64MB in the 13" 28W cpu. But the edram chips always came last, so who really knows when they will show up to the party.
    The 6100 is really underwhelming being not any faster in real world than the 5100. edram and also just DDR4 will certainly help with the bandwidth issue.
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    You realise Quadcore desktop Skylake chips are arriving 2H 2015? Some of the motherboards with the new chipsets are coming out now.

    I have no idea what's going to happen with the 15" rMBP and when/if it will get Broadwell or Skylake. Just have to wait and see.

    Skylake + Maxwell would be incredible.

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