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Jul 9, 2012
Press text:

AI Sky Enhancer: More Than an Innovation, It’s a Breakthrough
Skylum has released a free update to Luminar that brings AI Sky Enhancer, designed to add detail and drama to the sky with just one slider.

Bellevue, WA, November 1, 2018 — Skylum Software today released a free update to its award-winning Luminar photo editor and presented the AI Sky Enhancer filter. Developed in the company’s AI Lab, AI Sky Enhancer adds depth, definition, and detail to any sky almost instantly, with only a swipe of a slider.

AI Sky Enhancer is a revolutionary new tool for automatically enhancing skies and making them beautiful without the need for masks and layers. This will save photographers an enormous amount of time in post-processing while allowing photographers of any skill level to achieve dramatic skies.

Hundreds of thousands of photos incorporating varying degrees of tonal skies were used to train a deep neural network that powers the AI Sky Enhancer filter and allow Luminar to analyze each image and detect (and adjust) only the sky. The result is complete automated control of the sky. AI Sky Enhancer works with sunsets, blue skies, partly sunny skies, storm clouds, and virtually any other sky scene imaginable.

“And while this update is great by itself, it’s just the beginning. Luminar now includes an innovative core neural processing engine that enables all Luminar users to harness the power of AI. This will give the Skylum team the possibility to introduce more smart and automated tools more frequently,” explains Dima Sytnik, CTO and co-founder of Skylum. “Expect more innovative AI-powered features in Luminar in the near future.”

The new AI-powered filter comes ahead of Luminar 3 with Libraries, which will start being rolled out to Luminar owners on December 18. Skylum has made the unprecedented decision to include every new feature of Luminar — big and small — at no additional cost to current Luminar 2018 owners until late 2019. This will include Luminar 3 with Libraries, which will allow photographers to organize, browse, and edit images on the fly. Additionally, Luminar customers don’t have to pay an annual subscription fee.

New and current users of Luminar will also receive a value-added promotional package including a three-month Pro Membership to ViewBug ($42 value), a two-month Pro Membership to KelbyOne ($40 value), a choice of any ebook from Rocky Nook ($40 value), the Awesome Landscapes Tutorial from Daniel Kordan ($80 value), and a $20 gift card toward the purchase of any Manfrotto/Gitzo product valued at $120 or more.

Luminar is available to new customers for just $59/€59/£53. Current users of other Skylum software including Aurora HDR, Photolemur, and Skylum legacy products can purchase Luminar for the special price of $49/€49/£44.


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Oct 2, 2007
I tried it was alright.
the nice thing was I feel it was similar to resultsI got prior but that was lots of different settings. the Sky AI easily does all that in "one click"

Kinda like Foliage Enhancer. Pushed too far either Sky or Foliage will look bad but is a nice touch.


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Sep 19, 2014
Is it wrong, I'm contemplating buying Luminar now just to get the 2 free month of KelbyOne Pro?
There's a course I want to watch, but the only way to do that is signing up for their Pro tier at $19/month.

BTW, I got a $10 coupon code for Luminar, if anyone is interested, send me a message.


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Oct 2, 2007
It is not wrong to buy just for their Freebies.

Also, when they had the sale over the summer, when I purchased Luminar, all coupon codes did NOT work. I was hoping for an extra $10 off. But I at least used Ebates and got $4-5 back on that.
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