Skype alternative for Mac/Windows/iOS messaging?

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    After some extensive searching with no satisfaction, perhaps someone here will have a solution.

    I've been using Skype to exchange messages between a Windows computer and my Mac computers and iPhones. I like the fact that I can receive messages on my Mac and/or my iPhone, so I don't miss communication. Many of these come from a Windows user.

    However, Skype is a resource hog on both my Mac and iPhone, which leads to more rapid battery consumption. I don't use the calling or video calling features, and only have interest in text messaging with occasional file transfers. Having a push feature on the iPhone would be useful, so I don't have to leave an app running all the time.

    I currently run Snow Leopard on my Macs, and with a Windows user involved, iMessage isn't an option. Also, I don't want to subscribe to my cellular carrier's messaging plan, since there are only a few that I choose to receive messages from.

    Has anyone found a simple solution for exchanging text messages that is lightweight, runs on all 3 platforms, and doesn't involve opening my phone to messages from people other than the few I select? Or am I stuck with Skype for now?
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    Skype alternative ? Yahoo messenger and Google talk, ( Mac / windows / mobile )

    the question is, it's your friend using it, ? because both of them does not allow you to send message to another, which mean it's just work for user who using same application, seems like Skype,

    Yahoo messenger has a feature for sending free sms to mobile numbers, allowing you to send messages from yahoo messenger to your friends mobile number, but a reply message from the mobile number will be charged,
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but Adium appears to be Mac only, which won't accommodate the iPhone or Windows users.
    This looks a bit more promising. I'll look into it.
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    You have lots of choices, aol, msn, google, or yahoo. What I would recommend is using google. Although there is no official google talk app on the iphone, there are plenty of apps that support push, such as talkatone, im+ pro, and ebuddy. I noticed ebuddy has a 12 hour limit whereas im+ pro can go for up to 7 days. I personally have used im+ pro all the way from the iphone OS 3 days, when push was absolutely necessary since there was no multitasking on iphones.

    For your computers, you could either leave gmail running through the web browser or download the google talk app. Either way, you get all of your messages automatically archived in email for easy searching.

    Edit: For snow leopard you have actually have a third choice. The built in iChat app can connect to google accounts.
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    Trillian can be used as a Skype client for IM. Give it a try.
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    Is there a way to use google talk video with a client on mac osx?
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    If you and your friends/associates use Google messages you don't need to have the same client on all devices. You can use Adium on Mac, Pidgin on Windows and IM+ or Verbs on iOS. This also applies to AOL, Yahoo messenger, ICQ and a few other services. Google messages is probably your best bet since most people more than likely have a Gmail account. And if they don't maybe you can get them to register one just for messaging.

    If on the other hand your friends/associates are stuck on using Skype then you really don't have other choices. While there are some IM clients that allow you to sign in to Skype you still need to have Skype installed which to me defeats the purpose of using a 3rd party IM client for Skype.

    Hope that helps :)

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