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Jun 20, 2011
So far Mavericks runs fine on my 13in retina except that Skype crashes. Does anyone else have this?


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Jun 12, 2013
So I'm not going crazy, and it's actually broken. Thank god. Thanks for the 6.0 tip too! I use Skype to talk to colleagues a lot, so it being broken on my main computer was a real headache. Besides that Mavericks seems to be a nice improvement. also seems to be working for me, you can fetch it at

I only wish Skype was working correctly on iOS 7 beta 1. I'm using it on my iPhone and besides the odd glitch I'm loving it. Tried all the suggestions I've seen as far as logging in/out and reinstalling goes, no success at all. :(

Anyways, thanks! Haha I'm really happy I have Skype working again! :)


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Jan 21, 2013
It might be a coincidence or I just got very unlucky but 3 days after I installed Mavericks my SSD died in my 2012 MacBook Air. It crashed 3 times and I could not restart it the 4th time.

I tried to reinstall the machine but Disk Utility showed me the drive with a 33kbyte size and format option was disabled.

Apple Service told me it has to be replaced, no way of saving it. Their test system displayed it as a 33kbyte drive as well.

I just got my machine back from service. Do not plan to reinstall Mavericks this time. I am a little sad I installed in the past every developer review of Lion and Mountain Lion as well and never had a problem besides some apps not working like Skype for Mavericks.
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