Skype for iPhone Adds Support for Video Calling to Select TVs

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 9, 2011.

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    As noted by The Next Web, Skype has issued an update to its iOS application, adding video calling compatibility with a broader array of devices, most notably Skype for TV.
    Skype's site lists four separate series of plasma TVs from Panasonic and two series of LED sets from Samsung that support the feature, as well as a pair of webcams required to enable the video calling.

    Skype introduced its video calling service for iOS devices in late December, supporting calls between iOS devices and between iOS devices and computers.

    Article Link: Skype for iPhone Adds Support for Video Calling to Select TVs
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    Nice...and what about the Sonys?
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    too bad Skype TV only works on a PC ruuning Skype and NOT Mac.

    From The Skype nweb page: "Video calling from your TV to a PC is only supported in the latest version of Skype for Windows (version 4.2 or later).We are working hard to make it possible to video call from your TV to people using Skype for Mac and Linux."
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    After resting on their laurels for way too long, it looks like Skype is finally shaking off its sluggishness and mixing things up again. For a minute I thought it was inevitable that they progressively lose all of their market share due to stagnating innovation. Good to see them getting back into form. :cool:
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    Feb 10, 2011
    Works with the LG cam (ANVC200) and TV also. Pretty grainy but cool none-the-less.

    First post, glad to be here :apple:
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    According to an article on Skype's blog, it will be rolling out support for Sony BRAVIA and VIZIO VIA TVs later this year. I assume your TV has to have internet apps for it to be a possibility in the future. Article link below.
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    Well, finally I got a 2011 Sony TV and it does support Skype.
    However, it is not working with my PS3 Eye Camera.
    Looking over the Skype webpage, it seem like they want to get $149 for an specific video web camera that they only offer. This is a major disappointment.

    Anyone knows how to use another web cam with Skype on the Sony TVs?
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    Interesting presentation. I don't doubt it's helpful to me. You got a really useful forum I have been here reading for about an hour.
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    Wow its great to know that skpye has introduced the TV's with web cam support. Hope its like a TV+computer utilities a user can enjoy.But i didnt understood what Is an iSO here?

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