Skype trick - In case you are not aware...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by topbanana_, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Not sure if this will work for people on OSX but this nifty trick allows voice and video on Firefox accessing Skype through from Linux - apologies if you have already tried this.

    Basically Skype is set not to allow voice/video (yet) unless using the Edge browser, so by agent switching to Windows/Edge it then enables voice and video on FF/Linux etc.

    I use the Skype extension

    Have not tried yet on my PowerPC Linux install (tonight) but can confirm it works great on x86 Linux/FF and see no reason why it won't (as access works fine albeit without voice/video).

    Maybe you can give it a go on OSX, maybe won't work but would be quite something if it did...

    UPDATE : Sorry guys appears not to work after all.....Asking to download a /msi plugin...... :( sorry...
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    Yes. Generally, anything you find in there is usable with TenFourFox. With the exception of anything that is using PC specific instructions.

    It looks like this addon is just a front end to editing the about:config file for the user agent?

    If you're going to do that I would use User Agent Switcher instead. Lets you switch the UA on the fly and doesn't alter the default user agent. Plus you can enter your own.

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