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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Washac, Jul 16, 2013.

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    I purchased Skyrim Legendary Edition and installed it into Bootcamp, well I say Bootcamp seems that I have to run Steam to play it.

    My question is :- I have the retail version of Skyrim Legendary Edition, now when I want to play it I have to play via Steam, Steam shows it in my library as just ordinary Skyrim.

    Is there something I am missing here and how can I find out if I have the all the extra content installed ?
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    This is what Johnny writes on Amazon:

    This is not a games review but an aid to anyone having problems installing the game on steam.

    The glitch seems to happen when you own the original game and then try to install the Legendary version. Every time I tried to load the disk it would only load the standard game not the downloadable content. You will know that there is a problem because it wont ask for your activation code.

    I spoke to Bethesda the game manufacturer and they have received a lot of calls about it. Listed below is how we sorted the problem.

    1) If you find the extra content has not been installed uninstall the Skyrim game.
    2) Open up the main Steam page by clicking the steam icon.
    3) At the top left of the page to the left of "Help" is "Games" left click this and go down to "Activate a product on steam" start this process and input the activation code that came with the game.
    4) Once the code has been accepted exit the setup this means that your new code has been accepted but the game has not been installed yet. If you don't cancel this setup it will try to download the whole game.
    5) At the top left of the steam page is the word "Steam" left click this and go down to "exit" and left click it. It is important to shut the steam down.
    6) Restart steam.
    7) Open up the game disk. To do this in windows 7 left click the blue circular window icon and then lower left corner of you desktop click the "computer" icon. This should then bring up the drives on your machine.
    8) Single left click not double click the drive that has your game is in and in the panel that pops up left click open.
    9) Look through the files listed for the steam icon and double click it, this will load everything on your games disk including the extra content.

    I hope that steam will sort the problem and none of this will be necessary.

    I am sorry if this does not work for you. This advice is only give with best intensions to save you the phone calls & emails I had to make.

    By the way the game is well worth the effort because it is amazing.
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    Thanks for that, just reinstalled it again following your post, but I may have not needed to do that, because as it was installing, It says that it is installing from the disk, which I recall it did when I installed it the first time.

    Now if I look under my Account top right of the Steam screen and choose Account Details I get a list of Games I own along with the Acquisition Method.

    One of those games states - Skyrim Legendary Edition - Acquisition Method Retail.

    Also if I try to buy the three DLCs it tells me I already have that the content.

    Found out it shows the original Skyrim because I do not have the Digital version of Legendary, all quite a strange way to do it though I feel and confusing.

    Yes it is a, pretty good game, I have played it before on PS3, killed me a dragon and did not play after that, going to take it a lot further this time.

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